[federico bonacossa – composer / guitarist]


Thank you for visiting my website. Here you will find a updated list of my compositions as well as scores and recordings. The best place to find out about upcoming performances etc. is Facebook.

In a nutshell, I am a composer and guitarist living in Miami, Florida. Much of my work explores alternative tunings and involves electronics in one form or another, though I sometimes do not use either. Composition is for me a process of discovery and a way to engage in a dialogue with the many mysterious things I do not understand. Perhaps for these reasons I have a deep fascination with divination and meditation, and really any technique that involves a kind of surrendering, observing, listening, and describing.

I am happy to connect with anyone who is interested in any of the work I do, but also with those who are not.

Below is a short formal third-person bio

Federico Bonacossa is a composer and guitarist based in Miami.

His eclectic works have been performed across the US and abroad. Recent performances include the premiere of A Sparrow Flies Towards a Woman as She Stares at a Crescent Moon for guitar and chamber ensemble with The Last Hundred Ensemble. His electroacoustic works have been featured in a number of international conferences including the ISSTA Festival in Cork Ireland, SCI Conference, and the NY Electroacoustic Music Festival.

He has written numerous dance scores for Dance Now Miami, most recently Tribe, a work in just intonation for soprano, cello, and piano. Anusim, another recent collaboration with the company has been performed in New York, St. Luis, Portugal, Italy, as well as many venues in south Florida. Other collaborations include the music for Brookdale by Lazaro Godoy, which was recently performed at the ProART Festival in the Czech Republic and Spain. As a performer, he is involved in promoting new music for guitar and especially works that feature electronics and alternative tunings. He is currently Associate Teaching Professor of Music Theory and Musicology at Florida International University.

He is co-founder of The Last Hundred Ensemble, an ensemble dedicated to music written in the last one hundred years. The group recently released its first album, featuring his work Omaggio a Marinetti, an eclectic composition for soprano, harp, electric guitar, and percussion (including balloons), based on Marinetti’s futurist poems.